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  • Eberspächer VAIREX

    With our components for fuel cells in stationary and mobile applications, we are paving the way for future technologies and making forward-looking systems efficiently usable.

High pressure, high efficiency regenerative compressors

We make fuel cells better

The topic of hydrogen is on everyone's lips, as it will become an important energy source for the mobility sector and stationary applications of the future. Eberspächer VAIREX develops and produces fuel cell cathode air compressors and related components. These control the power that the fuel cell generates through accurate air flow and pressure supply. Furthermore they contribute significantly to the performance, packaging and durability of the overall system. Thus the compressors of Eberspächer VAIREX are a key component for the performance of fuel cells. The technology is already utilized in stationary as well as in mobile fuel cells applications, including emission-free forklifts and conveyor vehicles. In addition, they are used as range extenders in light delivery vehicles as well as in stationary power generation systems.

With an eye for the complete system

Eberspächer VAIREX focuses on individual components and keeps an eye on the complete system. In this way, we are able to identify weak points, remove them and make the overall system more efficient. Our existing product portfolio of air compressors and controllers grows steadily to supply fuel cell manufacturers with high-quality and reliable components.

Moreover, Eberspächer is adapting its expertise in exhaust technology for conventional combustion engines and hybrid drives to the fuel cell. Fuel cells in operation nevertheless produce gases due to the reaction of air and hydrogen. These emissions need to be removed from the system while minimising the noise level. With our innovative spirit, we are the strong partner in series production of components for existing and future fuel cell systems!

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